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Magzine version of my theme SWIFT released

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  1. Hello,
    I released the mazgine version of my theme SWIFT with lot of new features. (Lot more to be added).

    Feedback and review appreciated.
    Here are some of the best features of SWIFT apart from having an active dedicated support forum

    1. 2 magazine layouts.
    2. 2 different header styles (SWIFT original and the new full width header)
    3. Drop down navigation.
    4. Customizable colours.
    5. SWIFT now downloads the first image in your post and saves it on your server in case if its from other host and use it for generating thumbnails. A feature thats not present in any premium themes
    6. auto resizing of images that over flow from the content area. Comes in very handy when you are moving to swift from a theme with wider content area.
    7. Loads very fast, minimum number of http requests. Your server will love it :P
    8. Zero images used.
    9. Clean typography.
    10. SEO friendly, For example,this theme uses h1 tag for post titles, instead of the blog title.
    11. Cross browser compatible (Works well on ie6 too , except for the curves )

    and the list goes on....

    You can find more info about the theme here

    Note to the editor:
    Earlier version was posted here

    This new version has lot of new features and layout options along with having the old layout.
    With the added features and layouts it effectively a new theme, so i think this theme should be featured in the next theme release or a special review if possible :)

    Posted: 4 years #

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