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Local Analytics v1.2

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  1. Local Analytics v1.2 have been released with support for the latest Google Analytics code changes. The plugin now includes support for tracking Adsense and YPN ad clicks.

    Local Analytics is a Wordpress plugin for integrating Google Analytics, the free web analysis service by Google, into your blog.
    The plugin is highly configurable and also allows caching of the ga.js file locally, inorder to enable faster loading of pages.

    The plugin is highly configurable, yet simple. A normal user only needs to specify his / her Analytics UID, while advanced users can completely configure the plugin.

    * Highly configurable
    * Compatible with latest Google Analytics Code Update
    * Includes support for local caching of *ga.js*
    * Includes support for tracking Adsense and YPN ad clicks
    * Includes support for tracking email links, external links and file downloads
    * Includes support for tracking subdomains and main domain in a single profile
    * Includes support for tracking visits to Admin Panels
    * Includes support for tracking logged in users

    * Included compatibility with latest Google Analytics Code Update
    * Added support for Adsense and YPN ad click tracking

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  2. Sounds interesting. May we have a link, please? :-)

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