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LangitBiru - GPL, WP 3.0 Advertising enriched ready theme

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  1. AllFreeCMS just released new theme,
    code name: Langit Biru
    Features :
    1. Advertising ready theme – You can more monetized blog with this theme
    * - 468px on top page
    * - unit link ads get position upper content (single, tag, archives, pages, search, and category)
    * - content ads unit get position upper content (single, tag, archives, pages, search, and category)
    2. Many widgets :) for you
    * There are 3 widget position on every page and
    * 5 widget on footer area
    * (notice: footer widget is hidden by default, so you have to activated at least one of them)
    3. Custom Menu – using WordPress menu feature to display any menu you like
    4. Custom Site Slogan with site description as title link for more SEO
    5. Auto Generated Thumbnail Option for homepage. You will like this feature
    6. Custom heading meta option

    You can put any meta data information such as Search Engine verification code, blogcatalog etc
    7. Custom Footer Information
    Now you no need worry or confuse how to put any tracking code. Jut type as it suggested
    8. Color scheme options
    * This theme using color scheme options, there are :Blue (default), Green and Red.
    * Check out general options – Color Scheme and get color scheme you like.
    9. Valid XHTML Transitional 1.0 and CSS 2.1 Specification
    10. SEO Ready for your great blog
    11. Anything else that I may forgot to mention here :)

    Theme URI:

    make it as your favorite theme

    Posted: 4 years #

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