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Introspection - A free dynamic Wordpress Template.

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  1. This is a free Wordpress Template called "Introspection" from the JungleJar team.

    Some features and things to note:

    * One normal sidebar (widget ready)
    * Ad-system ready.
    * XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid Code.
    * CSS Level 2.1 Valid Code.
    * Post thumbnails and content to the sidebar dynamically via the wp-admin write post page. No need for widgets.
    * Tested extensively on many different browsers/browser platforms
    * Wordpress 2.5.1 ready!
    * If we and our beta testers missed anything and there are any bugs, please contact us!
    * I'll give free advertising on junglejar.com via a 125x125 button if any bugs are found and you submit them.
    * We love to hear from our users as well, and we've been known to add customizations for our users for free time to time.

    View the Live Demo

    Download the Template

    Main Template Page

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