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Introducing Free GPL WordPress theme: Arras Theme

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  1. Introducing Free GPL WordPress theme: Arras Theme
    Arras Theme is a Wordpress Magazine-styled theme with tons of features. Enriched with ready for alternate styles for easy customization.
    Arras Theme has a includes featured posts slideshow, create different post layouts, space savings multi-tabbed sidebar, custom single meta fields for reviews and many other customizable features.
    >> 2-columns
    >> right sidebar
    >> valid HTML
    >> valid CSS
    >> support Gravatars
    >> support widgets
    >> minimal CSS hacks
    >> well structured code
    >> no JavaScript errors
    >> no PHP or WordPress errors
    >> works with latest Wordpress 2.9.2
    Theme Info:
    Live Demo:
    GPL version 2 compatible license

    Posted: 4 years #
  2. I'm curious as to why you have re-released this theme? I ran a diff on this theme and the original version and the only differences are:

    1. You added your link to footer.php
    2. You added core update functionality for updating the theme using the WordPress API to both functions.php and library/admin/templates/functions.php

    Point #2 isn't necessary as WordPress does this automatically by comparing the version number listed in the style sheet against what is in the repository.

    Since Arras has been released under the GPL it is well within your right to re-release it but I am wondering why?

    Posted: 4 years #

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