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Intonasi Mono - Free Minimal Wordpress Theme

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  1. This theme using minimal concept and less graphic. If you guys searching for something simple and less colour and graphic, this is the theme that suit you the best.

    * using fixed 2 column layout with widgetized sidebars
    * minimal and simple concept
    * Twitter integration
    * comes with simple theme option
    * the footer section can be edit on the theme option

    Released Page | Demo Page | Download Page

    Posted: 4 years #
  2. Sweet & simple. And one of the few themes that has decent styling for image captions. What is the licensing, by the way? Also, you only need to post about a theme once, unless there's been an update. Three posts is overkill and considered spam.

    Posted: 4 years #
  3. I like it. I like simple and clean designs.

    Posted: 4 years #

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