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  1. Hanami is a 2-column widget-ready theme, with a simple and clean layout that displays content in a clear and concise manner. Drop caps, captions, and thumbnails to aid in formatting posts, gravatar enabled, and valid XHTML Strict/CSS.

    Theme page: Hanami Theme
    Live Demo: Hanami Live Demo
    Download: Hanami1.0.zip
    License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share alike

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. Sorry Hanami, I cannot feature this theme in Weblog Tools Collection announcement posts. Your theme needs to have a GPL license in order to get it announced.

    Posted: 6 years #
  3. Thanks for the information, keithdsouza. Would it be possible to make this a sticky or add it to the "Submit News" page, so that people might know the proper criteria by which to submit? I was wondering, is this a new licensing rule? A month ago I posted another theme that was under a CC license, which did get posted.

    Posted: 6 years #

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