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  1. Hello I wanted to share with you my premium wordpress theme. The Graffiare Wordpress Theme is a beautiful looking theme, that is easy to set up, allowing you to spend more time on SEO and writing content. This theme is great for affiliate marketing or niche websites. Here is a description of what the theme entails;

    - A slide show on the home page that allows you to load 5 pictures to slide through that can link to other pages on your site.

    - 10 colors and multiple fonts to make your site look truly unique

    - Easily add Google Analytics Code to track your traffic

    - multiple widgets on the home page and posts page to allow you to utilize google adsense, and other ads of your choice

    There are two licenses for you to take advantage of;

    The basic License is $37 and is a multi- site license (alot of premium themes will charge upwards of $100 for multi-site licenses)

    The developers theme is $67 which is also multi-site and allows you the rights to sell your website on sites like flippa.com if you wish

    here's the product demo page

    here's the product info page

    When you order the theme, you will get a free membership to the Graffiare website, where I have lots of SEO freebies for you as a thank you for downloading this theme. I also offer customer support if you have any questions.

    I think you will be very happy with this theme. Thanks for checking it out!

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