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GPL Theme: Sortable 1.1 (with custom theme options)

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  1. Sortable (v. 1.1) is very different from regular WordPress Themes. Users can sort posts by category in a different way than normal (check it out in the demo by clicking on a category). You can control the layout with custom theme options from your admin panel.

    New in version 1.1:

    -You do not need to set up the categories manually longer, plug and play.

    -You can add drop shadows to the layout boxes

    Some Key Features:

    -sortable function
    -Custom layout options
    -Unlimited color options
    -Custom HTML Box
    -Drop Down menu
    -Built in textures
    -Automatic thumbnail cropping
    -Valid HTML 5
    -User Instructions

    Demo and Download: http://gnuthemes.org/2011/05/08/sortable-1-1/

    Posted: 3 years #
  2. After I log in to download the theme, I get an error message that says, "File does not exist."

    Posted: 3 years #
  3. I had som trouble with the server, but it should be ok now.

    Posted: 3 years #

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