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GD Simple Widgets

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  1. GD Simple Widgets is a collection of sidebar widgets that have a wide range of options for display and customization, and are easy to use with support for direct integration using functions.

    Currently plugin has 9 widgets in Lite and 11 widgets in Pro edition. Lite will not get any more new widgets, but Pro version will grow, and there are 3 new widgets in the planning and development stages already. Each widget has range of display and filter options that will help you set it the way you want and to show only the data you need. Filters in Pro version will also be expanded soon. Since plugin offers replacements for some standard WordPres widgets, you also have options to disable default widgets if you prefer using new versions.

    One of the most important differences between Lite and Pro is the Templates system used in Pro allowing you unlimited rendering possibilities. Templates are control by T2 Templates developed initially for GD Star Rating plugin. Number of templates will be expanded with each new version allowing you more and more flexibility. All templates support very advanced CSS classes that can be used for better visual manipulation of rendered elements.

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