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GD Press Tools Pro 4.0

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  1. Brand new version of the ultimate WordPress administration plugin. Includes: file manager, backup, XML sitemap generator, security tools, advanced debugger, improved registration filtering, new and improved interface, WordPress 3.1 support, multisite and network admin support and much more.

    Finally, after few months of development, here is the brand new major version of ultimated WordPress administration plugin: GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro with improved backup, debugger, xml sitemaps generator, file manager, new interface, full support for WordPress 3.1 and multisite/network mode.

    There are many new features added, many existing features are improved, and I will try to cover all changes here. Also, in the next couple of days, a number of tutorials and introduction videos will be published covering everything in GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro.

    This overview covers only some of the plugin features, focusing only on new things added in 4.0. You can first check out the video introduction, before proceeding to the rest of the post.

    This widget has been in the plugin from the very begining, and now it’s changed to support new options and to act as a quick access to some of the plugin options. You can see the Google Page Rank of your website (refreshed every week, this is screnshot from my GD Star Rating website), you can enable maintenance mode and debugger, with options to set them up. And you can delete spam, revisions and database overhead. This widget options will change in the WP 3.1 network mode admin.


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