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GD Press Tools 4.2.4 Pro

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  1. New minor revision of GD Press Tools Pro brings some bugs fixed and several new features as well: centralized cleanup tools and many updates to plugins admin bar options to include quick tools operations and improvements to existing comments cleanup operations.

    Plugin Tools panel now has a new tab for cleanup. Some operations there were already in the plugin in the dashboard widget, but there are many more new ones, that you will not need to run very often. Panel uses AJAX to execute cleanup, and you will get a report after process is done. Results of the cleanup (with all options used) is on the image bellow.

    Adminbar plugin menu is expanded with Quick Tools. Right now it has options to control maintenance mode and to clear WordPress rewrite rules. Cleanup options for comments are updated and now include commentmeta table. Saving SEO meta robots settings is also fixed.

    As always, please report any bugs you find in the forums, and I will get on fixing it.
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