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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.5 Pro

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  1. Major update for GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro is here, adding many interesting and useful features, including: bbPress 2.0 forum integration, date based custom post types archives and templates for them, Yourls plugin integration, terms custom field and more.

    Date based archives
    Custom Post Type editor is expanded with additional tab that is used for custom rewrite rules. New organization is easier to follow, considering that new options are added, and at some point more things will end up there. Rewrite options are expanded with date based archives for custom post type and support for custom templates for them. Now, you can have custom post type archive that has extra date element in the URL for year, month or day. If your post type is called movie, date archive URL’s can look like this:


    Templates names reflect that also, and you can check a tutorial with full list of custom templates (link at the bottom of this post).

    Yourls plugin integration
    Yourls WordPress to Twitter is great plugin that connects Yourls URL Shortener with WordPress and Twitter. This new integration allows you to easily enable and control this for each custom post type, including customizing tweet format plugin will send to Twitter.

    bbPress 2.0 plugin integration
    New plugin version uses custom meta boxes to expand them and use in the topic and reply forms in bbPress 2.0 implemented forums. With this, you can add extra fields to the bbPress forms so that your users can submit extra info for the topic or reply.

    This will be in use on Dev4Press support forum soon to improve the topic processing and help to improve use of the forums. Plugin allow setting different custom meta boxes to be used in different forums and other integration options.

    Some of the custom fields will not behave as expected in bbPress form. Rich editor will be available only with WordPress 3.3. Color picker and image custom fields can’t be used in these forms. Picker is planned to be added, but image field will not be added.

    And more…
    Several bugs are fixed from previous version, some of the plugin panels are improved and export procedure is also changed a bit. Custom meta boxes can use additional field for selecting taxonomy terms. Several new tutorials will be published this week to help you with using new features.


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