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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.2.2 Pro

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  1. New GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro, and more new features added: improved custom post types and taxonomies archives intersections permalinks, terms widgets support new intersection links and several bugs with permalinks, admin options and meta boxes.

    Image on the right shows new settings for custom post type permalinks rewriting options. As you can see, single post permalinks options remained the same, but for archives intersections, things are much different. There are two methods of archive intersections: simple (added in 3.2.0) for one taxonomy term intersecting custom post type. Advanced is new one, and you can specify order of taxonomies to include terms for filtering in the URL. For this one, you can set permalinks structure and taxonomies order.

    Function with example is available in documentation. To get more info, posts is published to explain limitations and concerns when using permalinks for intersections. URL is at the end of this post.

    New intersections links are used for terms widgets now, so if you have enabled them for custom post type you are using in the widget, you will get new links with widget also. As for the other changes, some of the rewrite rules have changed order to avoid some rewriting issues. Several bugs are fixed: duplicated view option for terms, minor issues with permalinks archives, saving some of the post type settings, several minor issues with meta boxes.

    GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro:
    Enhanced custom post types URL rewriting:


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