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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools

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  1. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools is plugin for management and tools collection for working with custom posts and taxonomies. Plugin adds widgets and other useful tools and functions.

    WordPress 2.8 introduced custom taxonomies, and added implementation of some of the features, and even that was only partial. Even WP 2.9 has not completed all elements of custom taxonomies. This plugin ads some crucial elements missing: managing taxonomies, adding, deleting taxonomies. With WordPress 3.0, another new feature is added, called Custom Post Type. Plugin also allows you to manage and create new post types and assign taxonomies to them.

    Plugin ads number of functions for theme integration and Pro edition ads some filtering functions. Both editions have 2 widgets for taxonomy terms cloud and terms list. Most important addition in the Pro edition is the post editor integration that allows you to turn words from the text into taxonomy terms, search for them and replace original text with hyper link to taxonomy page for the select or found term. To see who this tool actually is used, you can check out the video tutorial among the tutorials for this plugin (only for subscriber licenses owners).


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