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GD Affiliate Center 1.3

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  1. Inside the couple of weeks, here is the new major version of GD Affiliate Center. This time, plugin now got the interface styling same as our other Pro plugins, has new code builder, support for ads priorties, improved controls, context help and brand new global and affiliate charts.

    Front page now shows more general statistics, latest clicks and 3 charts: Last 24 hours, last 30 days and last 12 months. Almost the same layout is used for each affiliate. We are still using jQuery Flot for charts, but now it’s 0.7 version and we are using it for bar charts with some interactive elements.

    Many things in ads and affiliates handling is improved and updated. And now, priorities are used to get ads. Affiliate priority is used when creating new ads, and ads priority is one actually used. It can go from 1 to 10.

    If you have trouble getting shortcode or function for displaying ads right, here is a brand new feature called Code Builder. Basically, set what you want do display, and plugin can generate shortcode for embedding into post and function call for embedding into the theme files. Some of the options are only for function, since shortcode is for displaying a single ad. But, it will greatly improve adding ads to website, alongside widget added in version 1.2.

    Win the plugin license

    If you don’t already have license for this plugin, here is the chance to win it simply by using Twitter. So, three lifetime standard licenses will be given on March 29 2011. To participate:
    You only need to follow us on Twitter.
    Tweet this:

    GD Affiliate Center 1.3 Pro for #WordPress giveaway. For a chance to win it, follow @milangd and retweet http://dv4p.com/gdac13
    You can tweet as many times as you want, all tweets will be counted, tweet more to increase your chances to win.

    Promo coupon(s) available at

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