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Fullly Customizable Themes Plugin

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  1. The plugin, called Premium Customizer, is more of a "theme rider" than a plugin – it is distributed along with a theme as opposed to activating in the plugins area. The rider allows you to add variables (called options in the documentation) to their designs, and the end user can change the variables on an Options page that is automatically added when the theme
    using the rider is activated.

    You can then include the variables in your themes, either by echoing the contents, or in some kind of logic statement like an If or Switch statement.

    This gives you the ability to create an easily customizable theme, while not having to do as much support in the long run, because all of the changes are made on one page. The one page aspect also makes it easier to do screenshots or a video for documentation.

    When this theme rider becomes popular, another benefit will be that people will be used to the theme options page, and supporting your themes will get that much easier. So, with a little bit more effort up front, you can save a ton of time down the road helping people customize their themes.

    Just off the top of my head, here are some things that you can do with the theme the Premium Customizer:
    - Let the user choose text colors
    - Let the user choose background colors/images
    - Let the user choose how many and where the sidebars go
    - Let the user edit text on the theme (copyright notices, etc) easily from
    one location
    - Let the user choose between different layouts for the home page
    - And, with some creativity, quite a bit more

    Early adopters will also be praised for making their designs so easily customizable. :)

    If you want to check it out further, the download/support page is here:

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