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Friendly Episode Titles

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  1. I've finally gone through the archive of WordPress Weekly episodes and gave them a user friendly episode title that coincides with the content within the episode. I should done this from the beginning but I didn't. Should make browsing the archive much easier.


    Posted: 5 years #
  2. Dgold

    Smart decision, better accessibility, thanks for the upgrade.

    Posted: 5 years #
  3. It's something I should have been doing from the start but oh well. It's done now and I'll continue to add relevant titles to the episodes now.

    Posted: 5 years #
  4. Any chance you could add cover art in itunes?

    Posted: 5 years #
  5. Dgold

    Jeffro, some of the titles (particularly interviews with named persons) could be friendlier or at least a little bit more keywordy. "Interview with Douglas Bell" doesn't mean a lot to most people at first glance. Even Matt's name is not something that new-comers would automatically recognize. Of course as soon as they listen to your excellent podcast they will get the full biography and the scoop. Guess I was thinking along the lines of, perhaps simply "phpBB interview with Douglas Bell" to be more friendly/accessible, if you can fit the extra wordcount in title. "Interview With Matt M, founder of WordPress", "Security discussion with Mark", etc. I realize you cannot list every topic discussed in the Title, but please consider dropping in a few extra keywords when you can, in keeping with the "friendly" trend you started here.

    Posted: 5 years #

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