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  1. WP-Simple-Grey

    2 Columns, Widget ready, sleek, very light and clean, WP-Simple-Grey free wordpress Theme. We have concentrated to produce a theme with almost no images so that the theme will load faster and also save bandwidth. The theme contains NO trail of sponsored footer links except a designer credits, which is another plus if you want to maintain a quality blog with as little as possible outgoing links. Download the theme and start using it for your blog. Optional Plugins: WP-Pagenavi (wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-pagenavi/)

    The theme Comes with Creative Commons 3.0 Sharealike License.


    * Tested on latest Wordpress version
    * 2 columns
    * Right Sidebar
    * Widget ready
    * Adsense ready
    * Fixed width
    * Cross browser compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari
    * WP-Pagenavi plugin integrated
    * Gravatar ready
    * Threaded Comments
    * Rounded Corners

    Preview & Download

    License: Creative Commons 3.0 Sharealike
    Has Sponsored Links: NO

    Posted: 5 years #

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