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Free ProfitWorx WordPress Theme - Clean Green

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  1. Clean Green WordPress them by ProfitWorx - This is our official blog theme, hope you enjoy using it. It a powerful, clean line and green positive theme for high energy blogs.
    Compatable: WordPress 2.8

    Browsers Tested: Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome
    - Clean boxes with headers and without
    - Logo Space to add .PNG logo to header graphic - Block Title as SEO optimized title description under logo
    - 3 Column for easy navigation and reading

    Preview: http://www.profitworx.com/free-profitworx-wordpress-theme/
    Download: http://www.profitworx.com/download/themes/CleanGreen_1.0.zip

    This theme contains NO third party sponsorship links

    Posted: 5 years #
  2. Why haven't you mentioned that your license requires the user to display a link to your site?

    Posted: 5 years #
  3. Anyone downloading this theme - PLEASE NOTE: The theme contains a link at the bottom of the template which links through to ProfitWorx.com - We require that you keep this link in tact if you wish to use our theme. Apologies for not placing this information in the main body of this thread.

    Posted: 5 years #
  4. Since WordPress is licensed under GPL, you can't require users to keep any links.

    Posted: 5 years #
  5. Sure, that is so for WordPress, but not the theme. Let me rephrase, it would be very much appreciated if users who make use of our theme keep the link intact out of common courtesy - compliance optional.

    Posted: 5 years #
  6. Added a color scheme variation on the theme:
    Preview: http://www.profitworx.com/colonel-mustard-wordpress-theme/
    Download: http://www.profitworx.com/download/themes/ColonelMustard_1.0.zip

    Posted: 5 years #
  7. Not sure if I was meant to create a new thread for the color scheme change on the theme. Hope you guys find it.

    Posted: 5 years #
  8. I had a few questions on the Header layout. Go to the 'images' folder and open up Header.jpg or Header.png and modify the image file in something like Adobe Fireworx or Photoshop.

    The theme is done in such a way as to use the Wordpress Blog name and subtitle for SEO purposes, and to add your image logo to the Header image file. There is plenty of space.

    Hope this helps.

    Posted: 4 years #

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