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  1. FrameFX is photo and general theme type that is focused on using special effects to display and animate various theme elements. Alongside different layout blocks, theme has 10 color styles built in.

    FrameFX is another theme based on xScape Theme Framework, even so it doesn’t have scape in the name. Theme comes with 10 color styles. None of the styles have background images, just a solid color by default. Design is clean and simple, with only few colors and images used.

    Background image and color can be set in the theme settings, and that includes effects for background (stretched to cover the screen automatically) with additional overlay image effect. Title (if left as text, not image logo), can contain several CSS2 or CSS3 effects. Other FX elements include animated display of posts in boxed layouts for home page and archives.

    You can still use all the xScape features. Theme includes 2 sidebars, with only one active by default. Footer widgets area is also there, and active by default.


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