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FoxyPress 0.3.5 Released

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  1. In this version of FoxyPress, we give you even MORE control over your store. Specifically with the ability to promote it through your customers, or anyone for that matter. We’ve introduced the Affiliate Management solution into FoxyPress.

    FoxyPress now allows you to manage WordPress users as affiliates of your store. Users that register with your site can apply for affiliate status, and you can login to the Affiliate Management area to approve them, assign a percentage that they will earn, and inform them that they have been accepted into the program via email. Users will receive a unique URL that will direct them to your website, then auto-redirect back to the home page so that they can purchase your products. An optional URL parameter is also available. Since there is so much for this particular feature, we have a dedicated page for all of the information. Please view it here: http://www.foxy-press.com/getting-started/affiliate-management/

    Lets us know your thoughts! We value ALL comments and feedback.

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