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FikraTicker a simple and multi-effects newsticker

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  1. FikraTicker is a simple and multi-effects newsticker that displays the recent news/posts on your website/blog

    FikraTicker provides WordPress with a sleek and multi-options newsticker. It can be displayed in any place in your website/blog. This ticker shows the latest news/posts. You can control the news display from the control panel.
    This newsticker is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to give his site a magazine/news style.
    This newsticker comes with the following features:
    * It supports the languages that are written from right to left and vice versa (RTL, LTR);
    * A Control Panel, that enables you to control the ticker in detail, such as the style, speed, width and the number of publications;
    * It supports 4 basic effects: Slide, Fade, Scroll and Ticker.

    Check out the Demo: http://fikratech.com/ticker/

    Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fikraticker/

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