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Easy and Instant WP Database and Spreadsheet Mashups

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  1. 'Exhibit' marks a new era in Web publishing and the visualization and presentation of structured data. Just released from MIT's Simile project (http://simile.mit.edu/), Exhibit is quite simply “structure for the masses.”

    With just a few simple steps, even the most novice blog author can now embed structured data — such as sortable and filtered table displays, thumbnails, maps, timelines and histograms — in her blog posts and blog pages. Using Exhibit you can create rich data visualizations of web pages using only HTML (and optional CSS and Javascript code).

    Exhibit requires no traditional database technology, no server-side code, and no need for a web server. Here is a sampling of Exhibit’s current capabilities:

    * Direct updates and presentations (mashups) from Google spreadsheets
    * Easily embedded in WordPress blogs (see http://www.mkbergman.com/?p=326)
    * No external databases or hassles
    * Data filtering and sorting
    * Simple HTML embeds and calls
    * Automatic and dynamic page layouts and results rendering
    * Completely tailorable (with CSS and Javascript)
    * Pre-prepared timelines, map mashups, tabular display options, and Web page formatting.

    Exhibit is as simple as defining a spreadsheet; after that you have a complete database! And, if you want to get wild and crazy with presentation and display, then that is easy as well!

    Exhibit is a seminal new development on the Web. For more background see the MIT Web site or http://www.mkbergman.com/?p=328.

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