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[New Plugin] Dynamic Registration Links Plugin for WordPress

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  1. Press Pixels have another free quality release for WordPress, the Dynamic Registration Links plugin helps your site manage “registered members only site content” through forcing registration in links for users that are not logged into your WebSite. For example, download links on your site can show as register links for anyone who is not logged in, if a logged in site user uses the same link it will show the download link.

    This is all controlled and done automatically through Javascript which picks up the class placed on the link – so add the class=”authenticatelink” to a link in a widget, post, page, excerpt or even in your site comments and the link will dynamically control its target URL address based on your Web Site users login state.

    This is highly beneficial for SEO purposes as you do not need to block entire site pages from unregistered users, just the link is altered – which allows search engines to still index your pages and content. You can grab the plugin from the Dynamic Registration Links page directly.

    Posted: 2 years #
  2. Hello,

    Where exactly is the download link for the plugin? I can't seem to find it on the web site.

    Posted: 2 years #
  3. There is a download button there now, but it's a bit messed up. It's redirecting to the plugin directory page at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dynamic-registration-links/ via the site's login form, which of course just dumps the user at the login form.

    I'll just link to the directory page.

    Posted: 2 years #

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