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Dashed 1 Column Themes

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  1. Huhu ^^
    My first WordPress Theme for public share :D
    Yup, Dashed 1 Column,
    Just Another Beautyfull 1 Column Wordpress Themes ;)

    This theme built in many nicely featured such as:
    * Author Avatar (gravatar) image (No plugin needed)
    * Included WP-PageNavi V.2.1 by Lester Chan (No plugin needed)
    * Beautyfull Style Caption image
    * Beautyfull Threaded Comments
    * Beautyfull Comment Form
    You can check Dashed 1 Column WordPress Theme at :

    Posted: 5 years #
  2. Sorry,
    This themes is not available right now,
    Thank you.


    Ale | Indonesian Blogger Multi Talent

    Posted: 2 years #

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