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Customizing WordPress Themes

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  1. I think this would really benefit the WordPress community judging by all the postings about themes that are mentioned here (and the side bar ads that are WordPress specific). Often times I find myself searching for a client's new theme but always end up customizing one or several to meet specific needs. This task has just been greatly simplified.

    ThemeDreamer for WordPress is an extension to Dreamweaver that enables WYSIWYG editing of WordPress themes. I know that a lot of people here already have MAMP/XAMP setup, or just work directly off the server. However, for those of use that want realtime feedback, or want to work offline, and could do without the headache of trial-n-error design (read: slow), ThemeDreamer can help. It accelerates theme edits by simulating a post in Dw’s Design View just like taking a theme for a test drive on the web only in realtime. Design View is just a rough approximation but this alone immediately allows you to see how CSS affects your theme for instant feedback for all those minute changes that would normally multiply tediously uploading/downloading/refreshing. Seasoned Dreamweaver developers can also move blocks of code like they did with HTML by just highlighting and drag n’ drop (move a post date, rearrange the side bar, etc.). It automatically parses and combines files in realtime so you can just open up almost any theme file straight from the wp-contents/theme folder. It also provides code hints and context sensitive help for those of use that haven’t memorized WordPress’s extensive template tag library. Any Dw developer familiar with Split View (Code/Design) will immediately recognize the benefit of navigating code by selecting in Design View and seeing ‘what does what’ in code view. ‘Hand Coding’ is great for programming or for those with time on their hands but designing something ‘visual’ without it just leaves Dreamweaver as another blind text editor. Now designers can unlock the other half of Dw’s design abilities with WordPress like they could with plain 'ol HTML!


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