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  1. The Arkayne Plug-in displays a list of related articles at the bottom each blogs. The widget can be visually blended into your blog using the WorPress admin interface. Each page gets statistics like conversion rates, clicks, hits, and reader velocity.

    Readers will have instant access to the most relevant articles allowing them to stay longer and read more. Keep readers on your page, Arkayne links your own blog articles near the top, external links near the bottom.

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  2. Sorry first post, here are the links:





    My Blog (See Arkayne In Action):



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  3. The Arkayne widget is now at version 1.8. Upgrades include:

    1. New look and feel, more control over UI.
    2. Internal and external links so bloggers can choose to keep users on their blogs.
    3. Better and faster servers to crunch the links.
    4. Option to add links manually, for that extra edge of control. Links are still evaluated for similarity.
    5. New visual graphs for click through rates and hit counters on every link.
    6. A featured pages section with up to the moment links back to the newest, most popular, and fastest growing pages.

    The improvements are just a small step towards our goal of becoming the best content linking engine. Our passion is finding your users, give us content we'll do the rest.

    Thanks for the support, were now on over 16,000 pages and well on our way to 300,000 hits. Thanks!

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