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[closed] Classifieds Theme Review - Run a Classified Ads site straight from WordPress

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  1. According to the publishers of the theme it ‘allows anyone to easily turn a standard wordpress blog into a powerful community driven classified ads serving platform’ its basically a piece of classifieds website software.

    The look of the theme is very basic and if you are running a classified ads site or want to take your classifieds online then this is a very good thing indeed. You need the focus of your site to be your customers ads not the surrounding graphics and banners, this theme achieves this very well. The ads are nicely separated with alternating background colours, and can easily catagorised and tagged by the customer, making them easy to find by visitors.

    The scope for this theme is huge. For example coupon code and promo code sites are becoming big business in the current economic climate and this theme is perfect for that use, it already looks very similar to a lot of the major players sites.

    Free classified websites like Gumtree, Freecycle and Craigslist are some of the biggest in the classifieds market and although they offer many of their postings for free they make up the rest of their income from on site advertising. Why not use this theme for a similar use? It has built in adsense and plenty of banner space...

    See the demo and read the rest of the review here

    Posted: 5 years #
  2. This is from the Weblog Tools Collection News Submissions Guidelines. It's printed in bold letters:

    No sponsored themes. No hidden links in your plugins. No sponsored reviews.

    Here's a link to the page you submitted the news on: http://weblogtoolscollection.com/submit-news/

    Posted: 5 years #
  3. this is a premium theme, the review is not sponsored in any way! also there are no hidden links, it was posted correctly in the premium themes section, please explain yourself or re-instate my link!

    Posted: 5 years #
  4. My apologies, I mis-spoke. The links/review isn't a "sponsored" review; it's a review with your affiliate links to the theme.

    It's a very well-written review, as always, however I am not certain Web Log Tools Collection's policy encourages or discourages this sort of post.

    I'll check with the site's owner. If he decides it's O.K. I will gladly restore the links.

    Posted: 5 years #
  5. My apologies once again, however, WLTC's owner has decided that he doesn't want the site to become a venue for sponsored reviews or reviews with affiliate links.

    Posted: 5 years #

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