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Checkmate 2.0: A Free Premium WordPress Theme

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    heme option

    There has been a total redesign of the theme options page, and also new theme options to make customizing Checkmate even easier. Checkmate 2.0 has the ability to automatically detect uploads for CSS, logos, and backgrounds, which can easily be changed via the theme options page.

    Layout Options

    I mentioned the layout has been updated, well now it is also more flexible. Several users wanted a true 3 column layout(columns on each side of the content), now this is possible along with a single right column, a split right column, or a combo right column. All this is controlled using theme options and widget areas, no code editing!
    Ad Management

    Ad management remains in Checkmate 2.0 unchanged. It is the same simple and flexible widget and theme options combination which gives you a quick and easy way to get ads on your theme.

    Support for Checkmate has always been a strong point and something I’ve strove to provide the best support a free theme offers. Alas WordPress comments and email aren’t the best solution, so all support will now be handled via Tender. Where you can ask questions, read documentation, and contribute to discussions.

    Checkmate already had a big feature list, now it is even bigger:

    * Optional background header images controlled by theme options and uploads are automatically detected
    * User defined style sheets, easily changed and uploads are automatically detected
    * Auto detected logo controlled through theme options
    * Optional featured categories
    * Feedburner integration
    * Drop down Page menu, with theme options to control which Pages show in the menu
    * Optional footer widget areas
    * Option to use Checkmate’s previous rounded corner look
    * Ability to insert code or content into the header, after a post, or footer, without editing theme files
    * Ad management
    * Checkmate comes with 4 color themes for you to build on: grey, brown, cake, and dark.
    * Custom widgets built for Checkmate.
    * Tabbed Content Box - widget enabled
    * Two, Three, or Split Column Design
    * Feedburner Integration
    * Optional Widget enabled footer
    * Custom Icons
    * Gravatar support for authors and comments(Wordpress 2.5)
    * Custom author, archive, tag, category, and search pages.
    * Widget Enabled Sidebars

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