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ChaCha Releases WordPress Plugin for Answers and Trending

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  1. ChaCha provides answers to millions of questions every day.

    There's no better way to provide the latest questions and answers about the topics you blog about than to add this series of sidebar widgets and trending dashboard to your blog!

    Your theme must be widget enabled to use the following widgets:

    Question and Answer: Ask ChaCha immediately and get an instant response! (To use Ask ChaCha you will need to get a ChaCha API Key from ChaCha's Developer Network. After you obtain your key, goto Settings > ChaCha and update the API Key field.)

    Custom Search: Add a widget that scroll the latest questions on any topic

    Topics: Add a widget that scrolls the latest questions on over 150 topics that ChaCha has organized

    A dashboard also displays the latest trending questions and answers on ChaCha as well as trending topics for Twitter and Google! If you want to capture search traffic, take advantage of trending topics.

    DISCLOSURE: ChaCha is my client and I have written this plugin for them.

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  2. Is there a link available anywhere?

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