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Category Template Plugin looking for beta testers

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  1. The plugin should be ready for testing by late next week. It offers a number of features which themselves are not necessarily that spectacular, but allow you to leverage a single Wordpress installation to do multiple fantastic things. Full description of plugin functionality and concepts are available on my blog post about Category Enhancements Plugin.

    High level summary:

    • Use a specific category template and/or post template for multiple categories, assigned through the manage > categories admin menu.
    • Database entries are stored based on the current theme, so if you change themes the plugin won't clobber the presentation results of subsequent.
    • Makes the category and post template procedure behave similar to the page template.

    If you have a demo 2.5 environment and have time / desire to assist, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me and I will email when it is ready for beta. That could be either for testing assistance or putting together some unique "generic" examples which could ship as part of a theme along with the plugin to demonstrate the potential of it.


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