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Caribou News Theme from the Spectacu.la WordPress Themes Club

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  1. Caribou is, we believe, the most sophisticated WordPress news theme on the market today. It introduces new concepts and functionality such as the ability to have sections with different colour coding and featured items, image resizing on the fly for the various spots, colour pickers, controllable navigation, intelligent section page code, and a clean and a layout designed to keep visitors interested in your other content - none of which requires additional plugins to function.

    Caribou is designed for media organisations who need to present a lot of content from many sections in a clear and easy to find way.

    Key features:

    • Easy multi-page highlight items from the Write Posts Options
    • Automatic image resizing for the highlight spots and thumbnails
    • Front page/section slider for top spot items
    • Time saving features for busy WP users
    • Uses its own WordPress Taxonomy for control
    • Sophisticated colour picking controls
    • Section & Category colouring for navigational clarity
    • Multiple Javascript highlight spots
    • Light server & bandwidth load - a full section page can be under 200K
    • Great WP compatibility, will not break your WordPress install if you uninstall
    • Incredible browser support - works in all browsers we can find, even phones
    • Fast rendering even on older computers
    • Multiple section support with colour coding for large sites
    • All the other stuff we do, ease of use, MU compatibility, and fast loading

    But let's not wibble - take a look and learn for yourself:

    Caribou News Theme Demo

    Download Page

    Members with an account costing just £12.95 (appx $20US) can download this or any other of our themes.

    Caribou has been designed and coded by Spectacu.la, a new themes club from the good guys at Interconnect IT who realised that all the knowledge they'd built up on their custom work was worth sharing. We split our themes between GPL and Premium.

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