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Buy Transport Theme for your Transport companies WordPress Installation

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  1. Introducing the worlds first fully automated Transport Company WordPress Theme. Transport Theme, it is on Sale Now for $39. A WordPress theme for any transport company, from taxi ranks to mini cab stations and coach services to any aviation carriers. Get bookings and payment online, expand your business for as little as $39. If you run a mini-cab business or a fleet of coaches and need your customers to reach you via the web. Then this solution will be the best for you. Instant management of all the orders and reservations, and much more. Check out the features below.

    View the Demo. You can Purchase Transport Theme Now for only $39.

    A booking system designed to take reservations online using Google Map’s API to estimate the price according to your rates, from location A to location B. The program is intuitive enough to let the operator set the rate for the journey, leveraging Google Map’s API to calculate the distance of the best possible route with the rate you set. It works in any country in the world


    PayPal fully integrated into the Booking System.
    Easy map navigation integrated into the theme.
    Gives point by point directions from a destination to another.
    Uses Street Map and Visualize the Journey through Google Map’s street view.
    Unlimited amount of transportation and vehicle types, such as taxis, coaches, mini buses, limos and more.
    Customers can pay and/or reserve the booking online.
    Option to Pay the driver instead.
    Customers Reference number automatically generated.
    Unlimited Employee have access to the bookings.
    Light weight theme and very easy to understand unlike previous versions.
    Only one file and approximately 190 lines of code in the entire theme, that actually matters. Easy for web designers to manage.
    Both the customer and the operating administrator gets an email receipt of the order.


    Easily enter your office telephone number and address.
    Google Maps API restricts unrealistic journeys.
    Easily enter a welcome message from the administration panel.
    Easily enter the currency code for the currency you deal with over PayPal.
    Easily enter the footer information from the administration panel.


    Entire booking process is quicker and more intuitive with the process taking place all at once on the front page.
    The entire system is integrated into WordPress’s posts system.
    Easily archive and trash old bookings which can be restored or permanently deleted.
    All meta data such as order numbers or Booking ID is easily view able in the bookings manager.
    The entire booking system is done in 1 file and approx 200 lines of code, which makes it super easy to manipulate the front page form to take more customer information.
    Easily add, delete, rename, or edit any booking leveraging the power of the WordPress administration panel itself.

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