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BT Extended WP Theme

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  1. BT Extended WP theme:

    The BT Extended WP theme, spruced newspaper style for a WP powered site with the brandnew revamped BT Extended WordPress Theme theme,
    featuring a four column fluid layout, third and spiced up version of the BT Extended 3.17.3 WordPress Theme,
    enabled with flickr support, pagenavi support, flash clock, related posts and recent comments are built into the theme (requires NO plugin), as well as a nifty and new CSS/JS date display in the header section.

    BT Extended WP Theme Demo
    BT Extended Release page

    Featured items:

    • options panel
    • image auto resizer
    • page navi support
    • built in related posts
    • built in recent comments
    • flickr support
    • wp tag support
    • CSS/JS date
    • dom tabs
    • flash clock
    • ads enabled
    • popular post enabled
    • social bookmarking services

    License: GPL

    BT Extended

    Tested in Firefox 2.*/3.*, Flock, Opera 9.*, G Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 6/7/8, working in every browser engine.

    Posted: 5 years #

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