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  1. About baseScape

    baseScape is the first theme based on xScape Theme Framework. This theme is very simple, very basic with only few small images used for slider and few other elements.

    Theme features 5 color schemes and (as all themes will in the future) full xScape framework behind it. Since the framework is initially developed around this theme, baseScape features all already implemented elements in xScape, and can be used as a good showcase of what framework can do.

    Theme is very lightweight and fully CSS 2.1 and XHTML 1.0 compliant, fast to load and full with various features. Thanks to built in widgets and modules you will need less plugins to run your website and will be able to control the looks more closely through power of xScape framework.

    You can check out the links on the left to see the theme demo, check out the screenshots, tutorials, documentation and other theme related pages.


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