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Automated WordPress Migration is Possible!

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  1. CMS2CMS Migration Service (http://www.cms2cms.com) is the solution for fast and easy WordPress migration. This is the online service which performs website migration from the existing content management system to the WordPress fast and totally automatedly.

    A lot of people have already successfully migrated their websites using the CMS2CMS beta which was launched in November, 2012. Now its abilities have been refined and the final version has been launched recently.

    CMS2CMS improvements:

    More Supported CMS platforms
    Now, CMS2CMS supports migration to WordPress from Joomla, Drupal and K2 Joomla component.

    Extra Imported Entities
    Migration of categories, posts and users is not the limit any more. CMS2CMS can successfully import all the images, attachment, comments and tags to the new website.

    Internal Links Import
    All the existing links inside the site will be easily migrated from the current CMS platform to another one thus saving the site navigation.

    The internal links structure will correspond to the rewrite rules of the target CMS platform.

    Content Update
    It’s possible to add new data to the website after the migration process.

    Migration Technical Assistance
    There’s an opportunity to request Assisted Migration Service. The highly qualified software programmers will handle the migration setup to make website transfer even faster and safer.

    What are advantages of CMS2CMS?

    -Time Saver (average migration takes 15 minutes)
    -Easy to use (no coding skills needed)
    -No software installations (it is a totally web based tool)
    -No copy/pasting or scripting.

    To find out more about automated migration to WordPress, visit http://www.cms2cms.com/supported-cms/wordpress

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  2. I'm Wordpress users .. but honestly made by someone .. I'm steeped in blogspot .. I think an interesting offer with all the advantages of wordpress .. Thanks

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  3. WordPress is definitely a beneficial CMS, so I hope you'll enjoy using it.

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