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ANN: New Plugin: Fast-Static-Feed

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  1. I announce that the first public version of Fast-Static-Feed has been released. This is a WordPress plugin whose main goals are to speed up the delivery of the feed content and to save as much bandwidth as possible. It caches one of the available feeds (RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0, RDF, RSS 0.92) and delivers the static XML file instead of regenerating the feed content on every client request. By default, the RSS 2.0 feed is cached and is delivered in place of any other format. The whole operation is totally transparent as no redirects or URL rewriting is involved. Furthermore, the plugin takes the If-Modified-Since header into account (if supplied by the client), so not to deliver the same content to the client if its internal cache is current, thus saving some more bits of bandwidth.

    For more information please check the plugin's homepage.

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