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An exceptional Wordpress Theme "Mortgages" from the Creators of "AZMoney.co.uk"

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  1. Every theme I develop has a story. I am a big fan of "Fringe" and I really like the intro, especially those small bubbles. It got me inspired and I decided to play around. This is how my latest theme "Mortgages" was born.

    I couldn't determine which background looks the best, so I decided to make an option page where you could choose it by yourselves (available 5 different backgrounds).

    You could also make this theme more personalized by editing about me section (the text changes by modifying about.php) and putting your face above it. I prepared a background without a sample face, so you could easily attach your own (the background rests in images/photo-bg.png).

    "Mortgages" page

    Some notes:

    • A special section where you could put some facts about you and your own face.
    • High quality backgrounds.
    • Option page.
    • Released under GPL.
    • Based on CSS framework "Blueprint".
    • Valid CSS & XHTML.
    • SEO optimized.
    • 2 columns

    Don't forget to check our previous releases of successful themes (all free, frequently updated, released under GPL as usual): Loans, Fancy, Mini, Vista.

    Posted: 5 years #
  2. Thank you for sharing your theme with the WP community. One note, you may want to re-package the zip file so that when it's decompressed the files are contained in a folder called "mortgages 1.0.0." The way it's packaged right now, the files aren't contained in anything. Thanks again.

    Posted: 5 years #
  3. I never thought about this, I'll re-package all of my themes with later releases. Thanks for your comment.

    Posted: 5 years #

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