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AJAXed WordPress Version 1.01, Future Posts 0.7 & Access Keys 0.5 are released

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  1. After a round of bug fixes and updates we have a release day.

    AJAXed WordPress combines AJAX and WordPress to extend the design and functionality of the interactive elements of any WordPress website. ((Which translates to: mmmmm AJAX...cool! :P )) Version 1.01 changes are minor and just fixed a couple tiny bugs from the .99992 release, but this marks the official move to the WordPress repositories and its own extend page. As of this release, aWP is considered stable and INAP is officially unsupported considered dead.

    Future Posts Calendar displays future posts on the write post page and can also be used as a widget. Version 0.7 fixes a little JavaScript bugs which made it impossible to click on numbers in the month of January, several other tweaks, and it adds a "temperature gauge" which allows you to see how many posts you have on a single day at a glance.

    Access Keys allows you to add access keys to pages and categories to improve accessibility of your WordPress website. Version 0.5 updates the plugin to work with everything after WordPress 2.1. It hadn't been updated in a year and the plugin stopped working on categories and child pages, but that is all fixed as well as that pesky 0 bug.

    If you aren't already using any of these plugins feel free to check them out.

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