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AJAXed WordPress 1.11: AWP meet WP AJAX Edit Comments and your new admin panel.

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  1. I had to do something to commemorate the once-every-four-years event that is today. Therefore, Version 1.11 of AJAXed WordPress introduces support for WP 2.5 (still in development), better handling of child comments when parents are deleted, integration with WP AJAX Edit Comments, smooth scrolling, a more usable Administration panel, and more.

    Some Screenies of the new Admin Panel: (Note: The content is the same in both panels, you just see two different tabs of the Admin panel.)

    AWP Admin Panel in WP 2.3

    AWP Admin Panel in WP 2.5

    1. AWP Core: Feature -- Scrolling method is now configurable. Choices are the new smooth scrolling, the older "bounce," or no scrolling of any kind.
    2. AWP Core: Feature -- Default .po file has been added to the core. Feel free to translate it. ;)
    3. AWP Core: Fix -- Fixed bug that would occur when people renamed aWP.php to awp.php
    4. AWP Core: Feature -- Deactivating and reactivating AWP no longer resets options.
    5. AWP Admin: Feature -- Admin panel was restructured to be more usable, and when saving the options or activating a module, it now "remembers" what page you were on.
    6. AJAX Edit Comments: New Module -- Integrates AWP with WP AJAX Edit Comments, so both may run at the same time with ALL features.
    7. Inline Comments: Feature -- Child comments no longer vanish when their parents are deleted. They are (optionally) deleted, moved up a level, moved up to the first level, or remain in the abyss.
    8. Inline Comments and Comment Form: Fix -- Variables passed through links may now use single quotes.
    9. Inline Comment Form: Fix -- Updated so comments are always reloaded after a new comment is posted.
    10. Inline Posts: Fix -- Using post title as show/hide link now works correctly.
    11. AJAX Nav: Feature -- Single previous and next post links are now in a "nav bar"
    12. Shift Pages: Bug Fix -- Module no longer disables itself.
    13. Quicktags and Smilies: Fix -- Updated to use full absolute url to JS file.
    14. Quicktags and Smilies: Feature -- Clicking smilies now adds the shortest tag for the smilie to the post. E.G. ;) instead of :wink:
    15. Lightbox Compatibility: Feature -- Module now works with older versions of Lightbox.
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