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AJAXed WordPress 1.1: Lightbox, reCAPTCHA, smilies and more.

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  1. AJAXed Wordpress had a few big changes that are gone into some detail, but the biggest thing that has happened to aWP this week is that someone said this:

    wow...everything is so easy - suits dummies like me. Thanks heaps.

    Changes in aWP Version 1.10
    Major changes in this version: 3 new Modules, a vastly improved Custom Options module, clickable smilies have been added to the quicktags module, a more robust method of passing data from Javascript to PHP, the INAP to AWP module has been removed, and several fixes to comment text bugs when posting new comments.

    1. aWP Lightbox: New Module -- Added support for LightBox 2.
    2. reCaptcha: New Module -- Added reCaptcha support to aWP.
    3. Custom Options Module: Feature -- Massive rewrite of the module to be more flexible. This is now considered an advanced feature.
    4. aWP Core: Feature -- Added a couple checks to make it more secure and some global variables to detect if aWP is in use.
    5. aWP Core: Feature -- XML response, actions and variables are now hookable.
    6. aWP Core: Feature -- Data to be passed in AJAX requests is held in JavaScript objects now rather than strings.
    7. aWP Core: Feature -- Admin panel builder script is now pluggable to allow more flexability in the way menus are created.
    8. Inline Posts: Fix -- Removed some obsolete code from old version of lightbox.
    9. aWP Cache: Bug Fix -- Fixed bug that would disallow the cache to be invalidated.
    10. Inline Comment Form: Fix -- Comments now correctly radminefresh when new comments are posted.
    11. Inline Comment Form: Fix -- Several text bugs when comments are posted are fixed.
    12. Inline Comment Form: Fix -- Bugs with vanishing plus signs fixed.
    13. Shift Pages: New Module -- A very specialist module to crate a blank first page. No use to most users.
    14. INAP to aWP: Update -- Module removed from project.
    15. Inline Comment Form: Feature -- Better support for comment forms. See changes here.
    16. Quicktags: New Feature -- The qicktags module has now become the quicktags and clickable smilies module, and adds option clickable smilie support.
    17. AJAX Nav: Fix -- Added code to ensure divs and comments are added only on appropriate pages.
    18. Live Preview Smilies: Fix -- Option to enable or disable module is now correctly added to the Admin panel.
    Posted: 6 years #
  2. maland

    not a fan, very clunky design.

    Posted: 6 years #
  3. Does this work with other WP themes? If it does, how much modification is needed?

    Posted: 6 years #
  4. Maland: Very clunky design of what?


    For direct modifications to get the plugin to work, the only time you need to make theme edits is if you want to add inline comments and a comment form into pages that don't already have them, and this only requires a single line of code.

    However, for styling, most themes work immediately, but others take a few modifications through either the Admin panel or by editing one of the template files. All modifications are very simple though, and I do my best to help everyone with them.

    Posted: 6 years #

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