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  1. Latest xScape based theme is a simple general purpose or blog theme called airScape. Theme has initial set of 6 color schemes built in, but also offers an unlimited color customization range by utilizing a design tab on the settings panel that allows you to change general colors used for content, colors for header and footer separately allowing to fine tune the way theme looks. Designer is similar to one used in photoScape, but with more color pickers to set all colors needed.

    Theme doesn’t use images, and it’s very lightweight and fast to load. This is first xScape theme that has two sidebars, and you can use layouts manager to move them left or right or to disable one or both of theme on each template and to change the width of each sidebar. xScape is capable to handle more than two sidebars, only a design needs to support that.

    As with other themes, footer widgets area is also present here. Footer also can handle all previously added elements like logo or menus. Network links for Feedburner, Twitter and other you choose to set, can be positioned into the header / menu area to the right. Due to the fact that there is one additional sidebar, default widgets in them is expanded to include calendar, links and tag cloud. Width of a sidebar is based on the blueprint columns and can be from 3 columns up to 15 columns.


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