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  1. Description: Free Simple Wordpress Themes. Wordpress themes that load FAST. Simple eassy to navigate designs that will not confuse your visitors. Wordpress themes that do not require complicated useage codes and additional plugins. Wordpress that are FREE and easy to edit. FreeSimpleWordpressThemes.uk46.com – Keeping Wordpress simple.

    WP 3+ Compatible
    Powerful Theme Options
    BUILT-IN Adsense space
    Fast Loading
    Out of the box
    -NO- BASE64 code!

    DEMO/PREVIEW: http://freesimplewordpressthemes.uk46.com/free-wordpress-themes-refareny/?themedemo=Refareny

    Download: http://freesimplewordpressthemes.uk46.com/free-wordpress-themes-refareny/?themedemo=Refareny


    Screenshot: http://freesimplewordpressthemes.uk46.com/wp-content/themes/Refareny/screenshot.png

    Posted: 2 years #

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