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Abandoned WP Plugin Recycle Program WPrecycle.com

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  1. Hello,

    There is nothing worse than installing a WP plugin that is broken, and having to all of a sudden scramble to fix issues or look for a quick replacement when a plugin goes out of date, without any support. Thousands, sometimes millions of users of a plugin get left hanging when the author doesn’t have time to update it or respond to support. This abandonment is typically due to the author having no time for the plugin when the it does not produce income. Therefore authors should not be at fault or blame for abandoning a plugin, rather they should be thanked for their contribution to the WP community. But, that being said plugin abandonment still depreciates WordPress, so here is a idea to solve the issue. It is by no means a complete solution, but its a start.

    In order to make WordPress a better CMS, you can now recommend your own, or one of your favorite plugins that have been abandoned at the Plugin Recycle Program, WPrecycle.com. When a plugin is submitted, it will be looked over, then possibly updated, supported, and rebirthed at PluginChief.com The goal of the recycle program is to restore as many unique, exclusive plugins as possible to better the WP community. Of course, though, not all plugins can be restored, and some shouldn’t. So how are the plugins that will be restored going to be chosen? “There is no easy answer to a hard question” every plugin will be reviewed, and be asked three questions.

    1. Is the demand high for the plugin?
    2. Are there any current, updated plugins similar that users can or are already adapting to?
    3. Is the code worth saving? Sometime plugins are almost impossible to navigate, only the original developer knows how everything is organized.

    If the stars align, the plugin you submit will be chosen to be updated and supported. Some plugins will be able to be updated through the repository, while others will have to be updated and rebranded through PluginChief. This mostly depends on whether or not PluginChief can get ahold of the original author, and have this author agree to include PluginChief as an author of the plugin to push updates. PluginChief’s staff is going to do whatever they can to resurrect as many plugins as possible, but keep in mind, there will be a flood of recommendations, opening several opportunities for developers to jump on board and help PluginChief in this venture. PuginChief also mentions a profit sharing option for authors of paid premium plugins, which shows just another of the many angles PluginChief is trying to use to get the entire WP community involved. With the thousands of plugins gone abandoned, there are sure to be mass, unpredictable submissions through WPrecycle.com When asked “how long will the recycle program last”? PluginChief responded, “as long as it takes to clean up ALL abandoned plugins, so a very long time”.

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