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FREE WordPress Migration Online Tool

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  1. CMS2CMS is the newly-developed online service that for automatic migration to WordPress CMS. Now the migration is executed for completely FREE for anyone willing to try.

    With CMS2CMS, the following enitites are imported to WordPress:

    • Articles
    • Static content
    • Categories
    • ImagesĀ 
    • Users

    What is more, the relations between the posts and categories are preserved. The service also makes sure there are no broken internal links on the target website.

    What makes CMS2CMS different from export/import plugins?

    • CMS2CMS is a totally web based service, so you won't need to install any software and avoid additional load for your computer.
    • It doesn't require any technical skills or coding - just provide the Source and Target website URLs - and the rest will be taken care of.
    • It is fast - the process will take from a few minutes to a couple hours to be completed.
    • It provides high quality during and post migration support.

    Read more about FREE automated WordPress migration at www.cms2cms.com

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