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Stop Blaming The WordPress Team

August 24th, 2008

Disclaimer: I am not a plugin author. This post is filled with my own opinions and is taken from an end user point of view. If you are a plugin author, be sure to add your point of view in the comments. Traversing through my feed reader after a major version of WordPress is released is always interesting to me because I’ll never know what types of reactions I’ll find. Unfortunately, I’ve been noticing a trend that is unacceptable. The basis of this post will be focused around a line of thought which I find to be anger inducing. The biggest problem lies in the fact that WordPress is continually pushing updates too often without much in the way of testing with the most popular plugins. Podpress is huge! how could they have released 2.6 without seeing if one of the most popular plugins will work? To me the fault […]

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