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Anatomy Of A WordPress Release

January 4th, 2010

During an interesting discussion regarding suggestions on how to improve WordPress core development on the WordPress hackers mailing list, Ryan Boren who is one of the core contributors with committ access laid out the foundation as to what the team tries to accomplish with each release of WordPress. I thought it would be good to bring this into more of the open for those wondering what’s involved. ** Alpha ** * Collect feature ideas from ideas forum, support forums, most popular plugins, dev brainstorms, and other sources. * #wordpress-dev meetup to decide on which features we want to commit to and set the scope of the release * While this is going on, do some trac gardening of things that got punted from the previous release. We’re pretty bad about this sometimes, but with 3.0 Peter and I have been going through some of the backlog. * With features decided, […]

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