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WP Plugin: Page Restriction


WP Plugin: Page Restriction Restrict certain pages within your WordPress blog to logged in users with this plugin. Adds an interface in your admin panel.

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WordPress Plugin Competition Forums


WordPress Plugin Competition Forums: As an addendum to the ongoing WordPress Plugin and Mod Competition Blog and Wiki, I have put together a set of forums as well. bbPress is the forum manager of choice and the style comes from the talented Fernando Graphicos. Please let me know if some other forum areas are needed or if something is amiss. As a side note, the code is lightweight and very, very streamlined. Loving bbPress so far. An admin console would be an excellent addition! [EDIT] Gone.

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WordPress Plugin Competition Deadline


I had previosly made a comment that the competition would end at the end of May, and I was off by a couple of weeks. I would like to clarify my dates. The WordPress Plugin and Mod Competition will end on the 15th of June, exactly two months after it started. All entries will have to be posted by then and I will provide instructions for submission very soon. A question was raised about the “mods” part of the competition and what the limitations were. As long as your “mod” has used WordPress as the core, it is eligible to be entered into the competition. If anything is unclear about the competition or I have messed up on something (like the dates) please leave me a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

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WordPress Plugin Competition


I didn’t realize that the thirteen listed were the entries. (plus scores of “Developers wanted” and many more plugins already listed) We need to advertise this contest more. (please, please, please, help me get the word out) Come on, if you are holding back on your plugin entry – stop holding back. This is a great way of giving back to the WordPress Community. Sure wish I had the time and stuffing to do a plugin, but cheers on all who are participating!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO! -Lorelle I’ve found some really terrific plugins through the competition. I am now looking into being able to donate toward the prizes ….just donated – Jenn Miller

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