WordPress Theme Releases for 2/21



Earthen is a natural, neutral, earthy, and bright theme.


InfoWay is a clean, simple, and elegant responsive theme.


Photologger is a minimalist theme that is ideal for photo blogs, magazines, and portfolios.


WP StrapSlider Lite is a responsive bootstrap theme.




  1. Aldwin (1 comments.) says:

    Infor is really an elegant theme… not to say it’s clean and simple. I really like simple themes as it doesn’t get obstructive tot he eyes. not that other themes are, but, you know… as what they say. simplicity is beauty. hahaha

    I hope you can feature a dedicated entry for the ‘magazine type’ of themes. or something that can fit a news-magazine blog. hehe that would surely be helpful not just for me, but for everyone as well. :)

  2. Sizwe (7 comments.) says:

    With the exception perhaps of InfoWay, I think these are all very busy… am not a fan of very cluttered websites as I find the bounce rates on such sites a lot high than on simple themes.

  3. cjblythe (1 comments.) says:

    I agree that simpler themes can be better in certain circumstances (i.e. corporate, business, tech, etc.) However, there’s been a sad lack of themes with ‘personality’ as the designers seem to be opting to design corporate style themes more and more.

    This leaves the whole segment of bloggers who want something ‘different’ for their blogs or sites out.

    Personally, I like a theme with personality and individuality.

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